Undesirable Reign: 28 Years of Purpose (English Edition)

Undesirable Reign: 28 Years of Purpose (English Edition)

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Titre:Undesirable Reign: 28 Years of Purpose (English Edition)
La langue:Français
Nom de fichier:Undesirable Reign: 28 Years of Purpose (English Edition) PDF EPUB AUDIOBOOK
Date de sortie:November 12, 2017
Nombre de pages:22 pages
Auteur:Debreonne Hopson
Éditeur:Debreonne Hopson


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A collection of poetry detailing a journey of becoming transparent in Christ. This book is filled with passion and gives an unfiltered look at what it means to really live for Him. The author takes you on an amazing rollercoaster of finding oneself, repenting, and trying to forgive oneself. These poems will not only render you emotional but will have you repenting from the beginning to the end of the book.

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