The Master Chip: Part II

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Titre:The Master Chip: Part II
La langue:Français
Nom de fichier:The Master Chip: Part II PDF EPUB AUDIOBOOK
Date de sortie:November 11, 2017
Nombre de pages:15 pages
Auteur:Katrina Love


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Please let me serve you, master.  Allow me to be your willing vessel, ready to be used in any way you desire.  

After feeling the awakening of my power, I quickly find out I have the ability to alter the world around me.  Change reality to fit my desires. 

Become a billionaire.  A leader.  A master. 

Claim all the women I wish. 

When I get a call from Sharon, who raised me, I know there's one special girl I'll be enjoying that night.  


The Master Chip is a hot new taboo story featuring the tale of Jared Winters.  While working on a computer science project, he accidentally transforms himself into a powerful, dominant alpha male who instantly turns women into eager pets begging to please him.  Features themes of mind control and bimbofication as well as a harem.  18+ only! 

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