Waco 6: Doc Leroy M.D. (A Waco Western)

Waco 6: Doc Leroy M.D. (A Waco Western)

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Titre:Waco 6: Doc Leroy M.D. (A Waco Western)
La langue:Français
Nom de fichier:Waco 6: Doc Leroy M.D. (A Waco Western) PDF EPUB AUDIOBOOK
Date de sortie:December 15, 2017
Nombre de pages:216 pages
Auteur:J. T. Edson
Éditeur:Piccadilly Publishing


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Marvin Eldridge Leroy had been on the point of leaving home to attend medical college when bushwhack lead cut down his parents. Although he was forced to abandon his plans and take a job as a cowhand, he never forgot his ambition of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a qualified doctor. Working on ranches, or driving cattle over the northbound trails to the Kansas railheads, he took every opportunity to continue his medical studies – and gradually earned a reputation as a doctor. People even called him ‘Doc’. There were men, women and children alive who would have been dead without his assistance.
There were also men who had died at his hands – experience had made him lightning fast and deadly with a Colt …
At last, Doc Leroy had a chance to complete his studies and gain the right to add the letters M.D. to his name. Then he discovered something that had eluded him for years – where to find the man responsible for his parents’ deaths …

J.T. Edson was a former British Army dog-handler who wrote more than 130 Western novels, accounting for some 27 million sales in paperback. Edson’s works - produced on a word processor in an Edwardian semi at Melton Mowbray - contain clear, crisp action in the traditions of B-movies and Western television series. What they lack in psychological depth is made up for by at least twelve good fights per volume. Each portrays a vivid, idealized “West That Never Was”, at a pace that rarely slackens.

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