Brute (Angels' Blood MC)

Brute (Angels' Blood MC) 10 out of 10 based on 842 ratings. 1,347 user reviews.
Titre:Brute (Angels' Blood MC)
La langue:Français
Nom de fichier:Brute (Angels' Blood MC) PDF EPUB AUDIOBOOK
Date de sortie:November 17, 2017
Nombre de pages:64 pages
Auteur:Heather West
Éditeur:Nick Sopris


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Brute is book 3 and the finale of the Angels' Blood MC trilogy!

Monsters like me shouldn’t touch angels like her. But I did it anyways.

She was an innocent little princess who wandered into the wrong bar.

I was a ruthless biker with blood on my hands and girls on my c*ck.

It should have been a one-night stand – but instead, it became an all-out war.

I knew from the moment I saw Bella that I would make her mine.

She was too ripe for the taking.

Something so pure and beautiful should never be allowed close to a man like me.

But I saw her, and I craved her – so I took her.

I made her body sore and her throat raw.

Afterwards, I expected that to be the end of things.

Oh, how wrong I was.

A brutal struggle in the criminal underworld leaves me gushing blood on an operating table.

And when I look up into the bright lights, whose face appears?


Still beautiful.

Still pure.

Bella stitches me up and puts me back on my feet.

I can’t decide what I want first:

Bend her over my knee and mark her flesh as mine?

Or take off to go destroy the bastard who tried to end my life?

My enemies decide for me.

They threaten Bella and her daughter, thinking that their cowardice will protect them from my wrath.

That’s a deadly mistake.

No one touches anything that belongs to me.

The only problem is that Bella is too scared of what I’ve done to trust me.

She thinks I’m a monster.

Can I show her there’s a human inside?

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