Girl of his Dream (Dream Jumper)

Girl of his Dream (Dream Jumper)

Titre:Girl of his Dream (Dream Jumper)
La langue:Français
Nom de fichier:Girl of his Dream (Dream Jumper) PDF EPUB AUDIOBOOK
Date de sortie:October 16, 2016
Nombre de pages:183 pages
Auteur:Kim Hornsby
Éditeur:Top Ten Press

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From AMAZON #1 Bestselling Author -- Kim Hornsby
When Seattle cop, James Dunn, saves a child from drowning on Maui and finds himself with a free vacation, he signs up for scuba diving with instructor, Kristina Greene. Although James has vowed to steer clear of love because his hyper-intuition and ability to enter dreams always ruin romantic prospects, he can't resist the feisty dive instructor. Days spent in the hot Maui sun soon thaw Kristina's icy exterior and they begin to fall for each other. 
Kristina fights to keep a dark secret from James, as they get closer and worries that he might have an ulterior motive for his attentions. When James finds himself inside Kristina's nightly dreams, he sees more than he wants and discovers a heart-breaking truth.
Prequel to Award-Winning Dream Jumper Series

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