Dirty South Secrets

Dirty South Secrets

Titre:Dirty South Secrets
La langue:Français
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Date de sortie:March 24, 2016
Nombre de pages:128 pages
Éditeur:Shan Presents, LLC


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Shan Presents this drama-filled African American, sexy romance by bestselling author Syrius.

Darien and Cola Matteo are one of Nashville’s most successful couples. On the surface, they are the epitome of perfection. The exception to the rule. The definition of power. But behind closed doors they have secrets. Secrets that will slowly intoxicate their lives.
By day, Darien and Cola are accomplished cosmetic surgeons, ranked #1 and #2 in the state of Tennessee and by night they live a completely different, daring and ostentatious lifestyle. They belong to a secret society of some of Nashville’s most elite individuals, an underworld known as Southern Comfort; a place where fantasies are brought to life and the secrets that are made are securely locked away inside of Pandora’s Box. Southern Comfort holds no bars and is a place to relax, unwind and release. A place where sex is the entrée and your soul is the fee.
All is well in the underworld until one night when Darien and Cola are enjoying a night out with their close friends, Jazmine and Bronson Fuqua who come with their own set of secrets. Cola’s eccentric twin sister Khaliah also shows up at Southern Comfort on this particular night with her flavor-of-the-week, Quintin and a mysterious guy by the name of Tristan LaRoux.
Tristan is good-looking, charming, wealthy, cunning and mysterious but his presence rubs Darien the wrong way. He does not enjoy being in his atmosphere but Darien can’t quite put his finger on why he is disturbed by his presence.
A series of crazy events will ultimately land Darien in jail when one night after leaving Southern Comfort and stopping at an all-night convenience store, Darien comes back out to the car to find that Cola has been murdered. The question is, who really did it and why?
All evidence points to Darien as he recants every moments leading up to Cola’s murder, from the time that he first met her till the moment of that fateful morning. Not only will his secrets of cheating, betrayal, control and lust be revealed but so will every single secret of every single individual involved in this crazy mixed up circle. But eventually, Darien will start to fall apart at the seams and new revelations will peak your curiosities and what you thought you knew about Darien, Cola, Khaliah, Jazz, Bronson and Tristan will have you rethinking anything that you thought you knew.
Most people look but they do not see and once the truth is revealed, it will leave you asking yourself, “How far would you go to save yourself?”
I invite you to hold on to your seats because this crazy story has many twists and turns and the ending will leave you nothing short of SPEECHLESS!
It goes all the way down in the Dirty South, known not only for their southern hospitality but they are masters at keeping secrets.

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