Ecological Time Series

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Ecological Time Series: .de: Thomas M. Powell ...Investigating time series in the context of ecological functions such as population processes, community structure, and patch dynamics, this insightful volume will stimulate cross fertilization among the ecological disciplines. The broad spectrum of ideas and applications examined in this volume makes it a useful resource for all ecologists.
Ecological Time Series LTER lternet.eduThis material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant DEB#1545288, 10 1 2015 9 30 19. Any opinions, findings ...
Ecological Time Series | Thomas M. Powell | SpringerThis book results from a summer school held at Cornell University in 1992. The participants were graduate students and postdoctoral researchers selected ...
QuantEco: Analysis of Ecological Time Seriesits decomposition properties, principally its time scale localization. It is especially relevant to the analysis of non stationary systems, i.e., systems with short lived transient components, like those observed in ecological systems. Here,wereviewthebasicpropertiesofthewaveletapproach for time series analysis from an ecological perspective.
plex Dynamics in Ecological Time Series plex Dynamics in Ecological Time Series Author(s): Peter Turchin and Andrew D. Taylor Source: Ecology, Vol. 73, No. 1 (Feb., 1992), pp. 289 305
Ecological Time Series Google 圖書This book results from a summer school held at Cornell University in 1992. The participants were graduate students and postdoctoral researchers selected ...
Wavelet analysis of ecological time series | SpringerLinkWavelet analysis is notably free from the assumption of stationarity that makes most methods unsuitable for many ecological time series. Wavelet analysis also permits analysis of the relationships between two signals, and it is especially appropriate for following gradual change in forcing by exogenous variables.
Ecological Time Series (PDF Download Available)Book summary: Part I: Analysis and methodology. Can ecological theory cross the land sea interface? A modern view of applied time series analysis The great....
Analysis of ecological time series with ARMA(p,q) models ...Previous article in issue: Experimental evidence for neutral community dynamics governing an insect assemblage. Previous article in issue: Experimental ...
IGMETS: International Group for Marine Ecological Time SeriesShipboard biogeochemical time series represent one of the most valuable tools scientists have to characterize and quantify ocean carbon fluxes and ...